Or your might also know me as "TKirishima".
I'm determined to evolve as a professional full-stack web developer and to acquire the necessary skills in all aspects of web application development.
This page is the web version of my portfolio. You can consult the 3D version by clicking on the button.


About me

Greetings! I'm Axel, and my passion lies in the world of computer science. I embarked on my coding journey at the age of 15, with Python being my first language. As I delved deeper, I explored the fundamentals of web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

My path led me to ESILV, where my genuine interest in computer science took root. The program primarily focused on C#, and during the holidays of my first year, I further expanded my knowledge by doing the S5 and S6 of ESILV which was about C and C++ .
It was during this time that I discovered the captivating realm of code golf, a competitive programming practice that challenges participants to create the most concise code possible.
Through this pursuit, I encountered languages like Ruby, which broadened my programming horizons.
Inspired by my passion, I went on to create WeekGolf, an innovative code golf platform with weekly golfing problem.
Initially developed using PHP and MySQL, WeekGolf demanded extensive expertise and taught me valuable lessons in Linux, server management, and Docker utilization.

By doing WeekGolf and other projects in Vanilla Javascript and CSS, I understood the utility of JavaScript Framework, TypeScript, Sass and testing code, which I always use/do now.

Over time, I've also really started to develop a love for open source and GNU/Linux.
Today, my setup primarily revolves around Arch-based and Debian-based distributions.

To learn more about these various projects, keep scrolling!

Home page of WeekGolf
Profile of a user
A weekly problem

01. WeekGolf

WeekGolf (https://www.weekgolf.net), is a Web-Site about code golf with weekly problem that is running since July 2022.
There are currently over 50 problems and 30 languages available.
Code golf is a programming practice where participants solve problems by writing code that is as short as possible while still maintaining functionality, often employing language tricks and creative approaches.
At first, the front was without Framework, and the back was done with PHP, but then I switched to Express and Solid.JS (a framework close to React with more speed)
So that each person can run programs in weekgolf, I used Docker to ensure that each program is run in a reproducible environment.


Source code: https://github.com/aderepas/WeekGolf

02. Custom Client

This custom client for codingame (https://codingame.com) was created to code faster in clash of code.
It set's up a proxy, that get all trafic going through the browser to get all the data of the problem (title, statement, test cases).
After that, I also created an extension of Python, so that you can do more things by typing less
. This is made possible by modifying the AST and creating custom classes, and exporting everything in one file.
When the user want to test the validity of the code, he can press a key, and a docker container will launch to execute the program with all different test cases
If the program is valid, it will send it to CodinGame.
This client is actually very good, since I got the #1 place in the world using it.


Source code: https://github.com/aderepas/CustomCodinGameClient
How this client work
#1 World wide using this cilent
Set up example with Visual Studio Code
Default page of Flag Fight
Home page for a user that logged in
Example of two players playing together with socket

03. Flag Fight

FlagFight (https://www.flagfight.world), is a Web-Site about Flags & Quiz.
There are over 300 flags, and the goal of this website is for people to learn all the flags in the world.
There are different ways to play:

  • Online, with some random people
  • Online, by inviting your friends to play with you
  • Offline, by training on some specific flags
FlagFight also has a shop where you can buy flags or messages to customize your experience.
Players can interact in real time using web socket.


Source code: https://github.com/aderepas/FlagFightWorld

04. Lang Fetch

Langfetch is a tool for UNIX system to display the version of programming languages in their system.
The tool support wide variety of customization and was inspired by neofetch.
To display the ASCII art, a Python program analyses and SVG which correspond to the logo of the programming language and converts it to a set of characters.
The tool is mostly written in Python and is available in the AUR (the Arch User repository).
Therefore, you can install it with `yay -S langfetch` for example


Source code: https://github.com/aderepas/LangFetch
Example of usage with flag and default configuratin
Example of config file
langfetch in the AUR (Arch User Repository)
Loading screen
View under the torii
View from the sky

05. Portfolio

This portfolio has 2 parts. The one that you're looking at, and the 3D part (https://tkirishima.com/).
The 3D part of this portfolio was made by modeling in Blender and importing the models in the web browser using Three.JS
This 3D world demonstrate that it's possible to create a first person view world in a web browser.
The only inconvenience for now, is that, it requires a lot of ressources and even if some chromium based browser can now use the GPU not every computer has a GPU.
The reason why this page exists is because I know that not every person can run a 3D world like the one that I made.
To create this 3D environment I was inspired by some traditional types of architectures in Japan.


Source code: https://github.com/aderepas/Portfolio

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